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Taurus Water Hygiene are a leading commercial and domestic Legionella and water hygiene assessor based in Birmingham, West Midlands. Operating for over 20 years, we are experts in managing full water hygiene treatment programmes.

We give complimentary consultations to anyone local to Birmingham. This helps us assess the current situation and help correctly advise the best course of action going forwards. We pride ourselves on delivering an affordable and efficient service for all our clients.

Our Managing Director, Craig Fisher, is fully accredited by the Water Management Society, and all of our teamwork to the L8 approved code of practice for Legionella testing. This ensures we are up to date with all new legislation and our risk assessments are legally compliant.

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Legionella Testing Birmingham

Legionella is a hazardous bacteria that grow in contaminated water – with the possibility to cause serious health effects. Learn more about Legionnaire’s disease and the risks here.

Landlords, premises managers and employers have to understand and manage the risks of Legionella, ensuring regular checks are completed on all water systems they look after.

We can support the ongoing management of your water systems to ensure they stay in the best condition. Our recommendations for the frequency of a Legionella Risk Assessment are:

  • Every 2 years or if there is evidence to suspect contamination as per HSE’s recommendation
  • In rental properties, it is a good idea to carry out a new assessment before a new tenancy begins.
  • Acquiring a new premises
  • If a premises has been vacant for a long period of time
  • If there are any significant changes to the properties water system
  • A change of key personnel within the company
  • Where there has been a reported case of Legionnaires disease

What Does L8 Legionella Testing Involve?

L8 Legionella Testing in Birmingham involves assessing all the water systems in your rental property for the presence of legionella. Many landlords and premises managers feel confident in using an expert assessor such as Taurus Water Hygiene to carry out the legionella test to save them the hassle and responsibility of trying to assess the water quality themselves. We will ensure you are compliant with the current L8 health and safety legislation.

Your Legionella risk assessment includes:

•  Review of your current records and any previous assessments

• Testing the water system for Legionella

• Identifying potential hazards and the level of risk for those involved

• Putting measures in place to reduce the risk and ongoing recommendations

• A full report containing the above and any control measures

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